My quest to level 5 World of Warcraft characters at the same time.


The Monitors

3 - Rosewill R912E @ $200 each
3 - Rosewill R913E @ $200 each
1 - Quad-Monitor Desk Stand @ $330
1 - Dual-Monitor Desk Stand @ $210
Total: $1740

3 of the monitors I already had so I bought 3 more that look exactly the same just newer models.

The monitors are being held up by two Ergotron monitor stands, one quad stand and one dual stand. The DS100 Quad-Monitor Desk Stand (33-096-200) runs about $330 and the DS100 Dual-Monitor Desk Stand, Vertical (33-091-200) runs about $210. The reason I went with a quad + dual instead of a 3x2 array is because I found the dual stand on sale at NewEgg so in the end it came out cheaper. In the end it's probably best as setting up the quad was a serious pain and took two people. Plus, once setup the quad stand is not exactly light and I wouldn't want to even try to move a 6-monitor stand. If I were to do it again I would consider just purchasing 3 dual stands since they are easier to work with.

The listed price above is how much I would have spent buying everything at retail price right now. I got the 3 additional monitors and the stands on sale so I spent quite a bit less then that at once.

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