My quest to level 5 World of Warcraft characters at the same time.


The Setup

6 Monitors
5 Computers
5 World of Warcraft Accounts
1 Keyboard
1 Mouse

My goal is to level 5 characters to 70 at the same time. For the curious, I already have leveled 5 characters to 60 individually and to be honest, I'm getting somewhat bored of leveling the normal way. 5-boxing will hopefully give a new challenge to the game while allowing me to get every class to 70 without too much trouble.

When the expansion comes out I will be creating new characters on a brand new server and leveling them all at the same time.

Another goal I have is to be able to tackle the level 70 5-man content by myself. I am hoping that by playing all 5 characters simultaneously from 1-70 I will get good enough at it that I will be able to do all of the level 70 instances. While I don't expect to be able to handle the level 70 hard mode instances by myself, I do plan on giving them a try.

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limerjl said...

Havent been playing WoW but for a couple years now, and want to try setting up 2-boxing, but having some trouble with synergy. Did you have, and have you fixed the camera movement on a second monitor problem; where the camera movement on the mouse for the second monitor acts wildly when trying to move it?