My quest to level 5 World of Warcraft characters at the same time.


Level 31

It's been a couple days since my last post but I'm still grinding away on my 5 characters. All have just hit level 31 and I'm having a blast in RFK. RFK is the first instance that is "winged" which really makes leveling go faster. By winged I mean that you can enter the instance and skip right to the hard stuff without clearing through a bunch of trash. In BFD, for example, you had to clear through level 20 creatures to get to the boss who is level 28. This made it so if you were appropriate level for the last few creeps (level 26/28) you would get very little to no experience for the stuff in the beginning. With RFK I can jump right into the second half (right path) and be getting good experience for the whole thing. I think I'm going to keep doing RFK for another level and then move on to SM, which is the first truly winged instance.

As for technique, I have been trying to get better at fully utilizing my characters. The shaman, paladin and warrior are pretty solid and I'll be working on the druid next, trying to do more with multiple forms and whatnot (right now he is permanently in cat form).

Rant: I hate class quests. Shaman quests have me running all over the world to complete and the rogue quests aren't much better plus I had to grind out my lock picking skill which was not fun. Luckily, all my class quests are done except the water totem quest which I'm slowly doing piece at a time.