My quest to level 5 World of Warcraft characters at the same time.


Level 36

After RFK I moved on to Scarlet Monastery graveyard to see how things went in there. I was able to clear it without any problem so I gave SM Library a try next which actually wasn't so bad either... until Arcanist Doan and his Blast Wave he does at 50% health. What would happen is I would work him down like normal and when he got to 50% health and started his Blast Wave warning I would run out and tell my guys to all follow me. Unfortunately due to latency they were all about a second behind and that second lead to them getting hit by the blast wave and my paladin not getting hit. At that point I would work him down with the paladin only which is painfully slow. The strategy I ended up coming up with is just having the paladin melee Doan with the shaman/druid standing back healing the whole time. After his blast wave goes off I would then send everyone in to finish the job. While this worked well, in my opinion it's a bit cheesy of a strategy and I would rather figure out a real way to handle things.

After farming Library until about 35 I moved on to give the Armory a try because I was painfully bored of Library. The armory went surprisingly well up until Herod. The problem with Herod is two fold. First off, he has his whirlwind attack that suffers the same problem as on Doan, I just can't get my guys out fast enough due to latency and /follow. Also, because he is 5 levels higher then me he gets crushing blows almost every hit which destroys most of my characters in two hits, the paladin and warrior in 3-4 hits. After a lot of practice and work on my micro-managing I was able to get him to 20% but he has a 2 minute enrage that he does at 30% or something which increases his damage output significantly.

Currently I am working on Herod and trying to master the micro-managing but it's going slow. I have improved a few of my macros to make things easier such as creating a heal macro for each party member on my shaman so I can quickly heal any of my characters without having to target them. I think with a little more practice I should be able to take out Herod, though it will take a lot of effort compared to clearing trash that I can almost do in my sleep now.

On the plus side, except for Herod and Doan I can clear SM Library in about 25 minutes and SM Armory in about 30 minutes at level 36, chain pulling the whole thing and rebuffing (blessings) on the run. This is far faster then any SM PUG I have done which is quite nice. The down side of course is that clearing an instance that easily makes for a really boring run... especially when you have to do it 6+ times to level.

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