My quest to level 5 World of Warcraft characters at the same time.


Level 47

After Scarlet Monastery Cathedral I moved on to Zul'Farrak where I just cleared up to the graveyard and witch doctor (skipping the overseer) and reset. I repeated this several times to get to level 43 where I did the stairway event for the first time which was a lot of fun. At about level 44 I was able to kill the last boss, whatever his name is, after the stairway event and with a little luck I could kill the overseer. At 45 I was able to reliably kill all the bosses in Zul'Farrak and clearing to the final boss took about an hour.

A couple of notes about these last few levels. One, I got 3 epics, each at a 0.25% chance per ZF run. :D
Jang'thraze the Protector + Sang'thraze the Deflector = Sul'thraze the Lasher

I got 3 of each half putting a pair on my warrior, my paladin and my rogue. Unfortunately the rogue already has a better main-hand so it's just for show, especially since he can't use the two-handed epic. The warrior currently dual wields them since I can't equip the epic until level 50 and the paladin has converted it to an epic since he has a better main-hand already.

Another neat item in Zul'Farrak is The Hand of Antu'sul, a little newbie version of Thunderfury. :D It has an almost identical proc as Thunderfury, just less of a slowing effect and lower damage. I have two of them, one on my rogue and one on my Paladin and between the two of them it procs fairly often.

After farming Zul'Farrak until I got all the loot I wanted (a second set of Big Bad Pauldrons was the final item) I went back to Uldaman. I only cleared Uldaman once, mainly so I could say I did it but unfortunately the instance isn't any higher level then Zul'Farrak and the drops were none too impressive. :( I have now moved on to Maraudon and will be making my first attempts at it today. I have gone through the loot from the instance along with the levels of the creatures in there and it looks like I will be doing Maraudon for some time yet. The final boss is level 51 and there isn't much in the way of instances after that until Sunken Temple so my guess is I'll be doing it until about 50/51.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're doing awesome. I'm cheering you on! Sad that I found this because someone wants to stop you.

Anonymous said...

Impressive stuff. How efficient is the mana Regen on your Paladin?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a video of your party running through an instance.

Also, I understand the idea behind how you have setup the macros, but I was wondering what they were now. How often do you need to micro control a character vs. simply using the macros?

Thanks for the updates, they are very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hey read through your blog, and wow, it must be really fun to run your own instances anytime you want.

I was wondering if you could maybe post a small video of you doing a small portion of a run to see what it's like?

Could you also post some macros or give a detailed explanation on what you're doing to focus fire, focus heal, etc? I'm planning on running 2-box, then gradually move to 3, would also like to try pvping with them (2 mages and a paladin if I go 3-box, if not then 1 mage, 1 paladin).

Anonymous said...

The sword drops are now about 10%, no longer 0.25%. It's much easier to get them now.

Micah said...

Ahh, I didn't know the swords was a 10% drop now, that kind of takes away some of the glory. :p

I never have to sit and drink except after a wipe but that is partly because I have two tanks (55% damage reduction) and two healers. On top of that I have Blessing of Wisdom up on the shaman and paladin all the time and Mana Spring Totem out most of the time so the little mana I do spend is regenerated by those. I recently (level 50) got Shamanistic Rage so I have switched to using Blessing of Might instead on him.

I'll try to put together a video of me running through an instance sometime, probably one I'm familiar with so you don't see me wiping over and over again. :D Lately I have been trying to push my limits and take on bosses that con red which usually results in a slow run with several deaths. Perhaps I'll go back to Maraudon and clear through it as a sample. for more information on getting started dual-boxing if you are interested.

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